Functional Genomics:

We have 13 years of Research and Development experience in Microarray Gene Expression analysis. Finding differential expression for a group of genes is a np-complete problem. Most of the software either work in gene space or in sample space. Very few of the software which work in both spaces either eliminate low signals or apply some statistical threshold - thus eliminating latent biological signals which are very vital in gene expression analysis.

GePIC is the only software in industry which eliminates this problem and is based on its predecessor BTSVQ. GePIC generates sample clusters based on differential expression and generates novel visualizations of highly multidimensional data into 2D.


> Is least sensitive to initial conditions and produces repeatable results for your experiments

> Produces novel visualizations of the very high dimensional data sets

> Generates reports in flexible formats

> Is scalable and ready to used in the cloud (uses parallel processing





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