ATM Cash Demand Forecasting:

North American ATM industry is 27 billion dollar annual loss industry, out of this roughly 27% is the loss due to dead cash in the ATM machines overnight (or the replenish period).  intelliCast can save you over 20% in the dead cash using our proven forecasting techniques. intelliCast is can be accessed in the cloud or deployed as an appliance at your premises. The appliance is built as per your organization needs and is customized for maximum throughput through parallel processing.


The diagram below is the breakdown of total cost of operating an ATM. A typical BANK bears roughly 27% of the total costs of an ATM on provisioning the cash in an ATM. This amounts to 1200-1500 USD per month. intelliCast can save over 20% of this cost which is substantial saving for running a ATM network.

Complexity in the ATM Forecasting

ATM forecasting is quite expansive in terms of computational power required. Models need to be re-generated at continuous intervals depending upon the replenishment rate of an ATM. Some ATM forecasting models need re-generation as frequently as daily. The diagram below depicts the computational complexity for an ATM network of just 3000 machines.



intelliCast: uses parallel processing to scale according to your network, our proven algorithm converge much more faster than most industry products.
















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